Damian Lillard can't catch a break. His entire basketball career has played out with him drawing the short stick in the bunch.

As a high school prospect in Oakland, his best scholarship offer came from Weber State. Then, after making the NBA and becoming one of the league's best young stars, he was cut from Team USA over the summer.

And now, as he works his way into the league MVP discussion, Lillard is struck with yet another blow: he's been left off the NBA All-Star rosters.

Lillard is easily the most notable snub on the list, playing at a world-class level for the Portland Trail Blazers. Yet even after Kobe Bryant was scratched from the game due to rotator cuff surgery, Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins was chosen over Lillard as an addition to the team.

The Portland Police have had enough. They took to Twitter to announce that they were getting involved in the matter:

For a guy known as a stone-cold shooter -- who won an entire playoff series last year on one of the most brutal, ruthless game-winners you will ever see -- Lillard certainly struggles to get the respect he deserves.

Lillard, for his part, knows where to go from here. Speaking to reporters on Friday, he said:

"I'm definitely gonna take it personal."

Here's Lillard murdering the Houston Rockets last summer:

You're telling me that guy isn't an All-Star?

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