Neither Bill Belichick, Tom Brady nor anyone who roots for the Patriots need be reminded of what happened the past two times New England went to the Super Bowl.

But that didn't stop former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes from chiming in.

Tynes was on both Giants teams (2007 and 2011) that topped the Patriots in the Super Bowl. After New England's 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game, Tynes made it a point to troll fans.

Glendale is Tynes' reference to Super Bowl XLII, which was where the Giants ended New England's undefeated season with a shocking upset. But Tynes didn't stop with that message, he had a lot to say Sunday:

This last tweet is a reference to the proper air pressure of NFL footballs, which Tynes cleverly uses as a way to ding Patriots fans over "Deflate-gate." The "stick to helmets" reference is a shout-out to David Tyree's unforgettable catch in Super Bowl XLII.

As would be expected, Tynes received plenty of nasty tweets. He even responded to one rather disgusting one:

Tynes has been known to troll before, like when he sent out a series of tweets in October following Peyton Manning's record-breaking 509th career touchdown pass.

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