Robert Griffin III couldn't catch a break on social media. So now he's taking a break altogether.

At a press conference this week, Griffin explained that he was tired of having his social media posts used against him to misrepresent the quarterback's thoughts. Given his rocky relationship with head coach Jay Gruden -- and his shaky outlook as an NFL quarterback -- Griffin decided to step away from social networking.

"I just felt like, for me, anything that I was saying (on social media), whether it was positive or negative ... it was getting twisted and turned against me and against this team," Griffin said.

Griffin's social media usage has dropped off sharply since Nov. 17, when he used Twitter to respond to backlash suffered from statements made at a press conference.

Since then, Griffin has only tweeted three times: To wish his followers a Happy Thanksgiving, to retweet a post about ALS awareness and to give his support to cancer-stricken Chiefs safety Eric Berry:

Griffin said he will go back to using social media more regularly once the season is over. Until then, he'll try to avoid making any waves.

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