On what was certainly one of the busiest days of his life, Jon Lester made sure to make time for his fans.

The ace southpaw announced Wednesday he'd be signing with the Chicago Cubs, ending months of speculation as to where he'd land. The deal is for six years and $155 million, and the $25.8 million per year average will make Lester the second highest paid pitcher in MLB (Clayton Kershaw is first at $30.7 million per year). By joining the Cubs, Lester could immediately change the fortunes of one of the most snakebitten franchises in professional sports.

As would be expected, many baseball fans took to Twitter to express their opinions. Some wished Lester well, some expressed disappointment that he didn't sign with their team and others ridiculed him for signing with a club that hasn't won a championship in more than a century.

Lester, who has proven himself a class act, took the time to personally respond to many of these fans. By one tally, he had exceeded 200 individualized responses.

Here are some of Lester's responses:

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