Loyalty can be a rough game to play. As a sweet Christmas Day Twitter post revealed, one young Dodgers fan was devastated by the team's trade of his favorite player, Matt Kemp, to the San Diego Padres.

The boy had asked for a Kemp jersey to signify his support for the player. But where some kids would sever their relationship with a player unloaded by their favorite team, this particular boy was not swayed: Even though Kemp was gone, he still wanted his Dodgers jersey with the players' name and number on the back.

So as of Christmas Day, there's a young Dodgers fan with a brand-new emblem of fan disappointment he can wear to school on the first day back from holiday break:

But don't worry: It's a very Merry Christmas after all for that poor kid. Dodger infielder Justin Turner saw the tweet and decided the young boy needed a jersey for a current team member:

Of course, there's some lingering debate about whether Turner might moonlight as a certain Christmas character.

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