Of all the things the Chicago Bears need to improve, punting is probably toward the bottom of the list.

But after the team's humiliating 55-14 loss on Sunday night to the Green Bay Packers, quarterback Jay Cutler came out and blamed punter Pat O'Donnell for the Bears' lackluster play.

Or, at least, that's what a lot of people think.

In reality, the satirical publication The Onion published a story in which Cutler blames O'Donnell for the team's struggles. The headline read, "Jay Cutler: ‘I’ll Be The First Person To Admit We Need A New Punter’."

The story, of course, was fake. But not everyone realized that, and this confusion led to some humorous tweets:

Stephen A. Smith can relate to these fooled fans, as the polarizing ESPN commentator once got tricked by a 2012 Onion story claiming he thought his son (he doesn't have one) was finally ready for "the sex argument."

The same thing happened earlier this year to former NBA player Ron Harper:

What makes the Onion story so frustrating for the Bears fans who actually believe it to be true is that Cutler himself is widely perceived to be the problem in Chicago. In his first season after signing a three-year, $54 million contract extension, Cutler is second in the league with 10 interceptions through nine games. Chicago's defense, which is giving up a league-worst 30.8 points per game, also deserves much of the blame.

And how about poor Pat O'Donnell? The rookie, who had a punt blocked on Sunday in somewhat embarrassing fashion, is averaging a respectable 45.2 yards per punt.

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