So far in this young NBA season, the Memphis Grizzlies have been good. Very good. As in, 10-1 good.

They're good enough that longtime Grizzlies fans are suddenly being trolled for their presumed "bandwagon" fanship. One such Grizzlies fan: Justin Timberlake.

In this case, the problem with criticizing Timberlake is that he's not only a Memphis native, but also a part-owner of the NBA team. After the Grizzlies completely decimated the Houston Rockets on Monday, Timberlake posted this to Twitter:

To which he received a mix of positive and negative feedback. Such is the celebrity life. One of these comments, though, caught Timberlake's eye, and he wasn't happy.

And then the Internet's self-appointed Accountability Partner shot back ...

And then the Memphis Grizzlies got involved ...

And while the troll has kept things up in hopes of extending his 15 minutes of fame, the flare-up basically ends there. Unless you're the guy's girlfriend:

He'll be with you in a minute, Ashley. Right now, the world needs him.

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