The New York Jets don't exactly need any more embarrassment, but try telling that to their biggest rival. Ahead of their tilt on Thursday Night Football, New England made sure the Jets recalled a past meeting they would rather forget.

The Patriots have had more than their fair share of blowouts over the Jets in recent years, but one particular moment from their Thanksgiving Day 2012 win has found eternal life in the sports fan lexicon.

On that day, the 'Buttfumble' was born.

If the name isn't descriptive enough, the picture tweeted by the Patriots' official Twitter account is of Mark Sanchez losing control of the football after running into the backside of his center.

It wasn't a decisive play by any means -- the Patriots cruised to victory, 49-19 -- but the Buttfumble became a national punchline that haunted Mark Sanchez until he left town.

The Jets, on the other hand, have a ways to go before they live that infamous fumble down.

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