The Los Angeles Kings advanced to their second Stanley Cup Final in three years Sunday, after making their third consecutive Western Conference Final appearance. Coach Darryl Sutter comes from hockey's first family, and the team features stars such as Anze Kopitar, Marian Gaborik, Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty and Dustin Brown.

But the knock on the Kings' franchise is the fan base. Although Los Angeles has a dedicated following that truly understands the game, there are other fans in Southern California that are often mocked for being uninformed front-runners.

One draw for Kings' fans has been the official team Twitter account, which broke social media barriers with its irreverence during the 2012 Stanley Cup run.

After the overtime victory in Chicago on Sunday, @LAKings was ready to celebrate. However, it fed into the stereotype of its fan base being less than informed. Across the country, the PR team from the New York Rangers, the Kings' Stanley Cup opponent, was ready to pounce.

In the Big Apple, this was an easy set-up. The last round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is known as the "Stanley Cup Final," not "Stanley Cup Finals." It's a minor distinction, but one that hardcore hockey fans know. There was no way @NYRangerswere going to let that fly.

The conversation got academic and weird for a bit:

L.A. laughed off the word-usage jousting with the opponent and went back to celebrating at home. No better way to attract the Hollywood crowd than to post a picture of a happy Macaulay Culkin.

Somehow, no one in the Kings' PR department pondered the context of the picture. The image came from the second Home Alone movie, which happens to take place in New York with the full title Home 2: Lost in New York.

If there was any concern North America's two most-populated cities would not trash talk each other, that should be retired already. Twitter showed the dynamic moments after the matchup became official. The Kings are trying to have fun in the midst of a brilliant era. The Rangers are back in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 20 years and showing off its tradition.

(H/T to Awful Announcing)