Finding out you've drawn Serena Williams in the first round of a tournament is never a pleasant experience.

The draw reveal was especially emotional for Alizé Lim, Williams' first-round opponent in the upcoming French Open, because the two are friends.

Lim, a 23-year-old from France, trains at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, which is run by Williams' coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. At the players' party on the night before the draw was revealed, Lim and Williams were hanging out:

Here's the selfie from Williams' camera:

Just hours later it was announced that Lim would be facing Williams in the first round, making them possibly the first players to take a selfie together the night before becoming opponents.

Lim's reaction to discovering that she would be facing the two-time French Open champ was priceless:

The French Open starts Sunday, May 25.