Forget about shelling out a fortune for airfare, lodging and tickets to the Final Four. Next time you want to take the trip of a lifetime, follow in one savvy woman's footsteps and try Twitter.

As Deadspin revealed, a Twitter user with the handle @letsgolakers086 is headed to the Final Four for the second consecutive year after winning another Twitter contest. Last year she won a contest sponsored by Wheat Thins:

And this year she is headed to Dallas thanks to Burger King:

In case you were wondering, this simple tweet won @letsgolakers086 first-class airline tickets, four nights in a hotel, tickets to the semifinals and championship game and $1,600 in spending money:

This isn't just some fluke, however, and it turns out this woman is rather adept at winning contests on Twitter. Deadspin uncovered a host of other contests that she's entered and won. Here's a sampling:

Not bad, huh? This woman appears to be what is known as a "sweeper," or someone who enters lots of contests and sweepstakes. Even though she may only win one out of every 20 or 30, she enters a lot and when she wins, well, it's epic.