Some things never change.

Tom Glavine was known for his ever-calm demeanor on the mound during his dominant two-decade long stint on the mound. And he was the picture of stoicism when he got the call Wednesday that he would be inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame. Glavine's wife, Christine, capture the moment and added a fitting caption.

Frank Thomas, who joined Glavine and Greg Maddux in the class of 2014, was a little more emotional upon hearing the news.

Glavine was a lock to be inducted -- he was a 10-time All-Star and a two-time Cy Young Award winner who managed to compile 305 wins in an era when lots of sluggers were juicing -- but it's still a relief to receive the call.

As for the seemingly outdated phone Glavine's using in this photo, well, his wife had an answer for that as well.