Justin Bieber's neighbors can breath a sigh of relief.

After the 19-year-old's arrest for drag racing in Miami, Bieber will ostensibly have be more cautious as he drives around the streets of his gated community in Calabasas, Calif.

This is welcome news to his neighbors who also happen to be former NFL stars. Last year both Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson publicly complained about Bieber's reckless driving style, and Johnson even tried to confront Bieber about it. Unfortunately Johnson's effort seem to be to no avail.

Here's an interview with Johnson in which he discusses the situation:

In the wake of Bieber's arrest, both Johnson and Dickerson took to Twitter to express their relief.

For the sake of himself and his neighbors and for the sanity of the rest of us, here's to hoping Bieber learns from his mistakes.

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