More than a quarter century after Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld's confrontation with NHL referee Don Koharski, the NBA might have found its equivalent donut moment. Schoenfeld called Koharski a "fat pig" and then taunted him to "have another donut." On New Year's Eve, Carmelo Anthony reached into the Schoenfeld playbook by blasting a fan on Twitter with "glazed donut face" as part of the insult. Here's how the flap unfolded.

Anthony posted a tweet about a sneaker giveaway that he is sponsoring:

One fan, perhaps exasperated with the way the Knicks have imploded this season, didn't appreciate Anthony's greeting or generosity.

That's what prompted Anthony to unload with the donut blast.

But the fan took the smackdown as a badge of honor.

Then after more reflection, he realized he was out of line and hoped this wouldn't cause Anthony any grief from the authorities.

But the fuse had been lit, and creative hilarity ensued on Twitter.

NBA players, including Pacers center Roy Hibbert, also weighed in.

In case you're not entirely familiar with Schoenfeld-Koharski showdown, it took place in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms just moments after Game 3 of the 1988 conference finals between the Devils and Bruins. Although Schoenfeld's line is often misquoted as being "have another donut, you fat pig," you can hear in the video below that "fat pig" precedes "donut."

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The moment received an Hollywood homage in 1992's Wayne's World, starring hockey fan Mike Myers. It is no accident that the scene at the fictitious Stan Mikita's Donut Shop includes a policeman named "Officer Koharski."