Floyd Mayweather's Christmas card was not meant to bring about holiday cheer.

Instead, like most of what the champion boxer does, it was meant to antagonize.

Mayweather tweeted this image on Monday to his 4.5 million followers:

The tweet refers to the much-ballyhooed "megafight" between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao that has not yet happened. The fight now has much less significance than it would have several years ago because Pacquiao lost twice in 2012, to Juan Manuel Márquez and to Timothy Bradley.

The image in the bottom left corner of Mayweather's tweet is the legendary shot of Pacquiao after he was knocked out by Márquez.

The fight still may happen, and would likely draw enormous ratings if it did, but now Mayweather has all the leverage. And it is safe to say he is well aware of that.

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