Say this about Kevin Huber, the Bengals punter who broke his jaw and cracked a vertebra while getting blocked against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night: At least he has a good sense of humor.

Huber was crushed by Terence Garvin on a hit that many think should have been flagged.

Huber has been placed on injured reserve and won't return for Cincinnati this year.

And while the 28-year-old is probably still in considerable pain, he found it in himself to make light of his predicament on Twitter. After the hit Huber changed his Twitter avatar to this photo:

As Josh Kirkendall of Cincy Jungle notes, this isn't the first time Huber has posted a photo of himself getting laid out. His previous avatar was of this big hit:

A tough break for Huber, the Bengals' fifth-round draft pick in 2009, but at least he's making the most of his situation.

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