ESPN's Skip Bayless has built a career by mastering the art of going against the grain, although a less generous interpretation says that he is simply a troll.

So even when Bayless apparently has a simple case of brainlock and forgets the fact that Seattle Seahawks left the AFC West for the NFC West in 2002, there must be speculation about an ulterior motive.

After the Seahawks roughed up the Broncos in a preseason game 40-10 on Saturday, Bayless tweeted this analysis in which he pegs Seattle as an AFC powerhouse.

A media goof such as this confusion of conferences would probably generate plenty of attention regardless of the source. But coverage figures to be all the more intense because Bayless is a national figure that marks himself as an inviting target with what many fans consider to be his smug on-air persona.

While this blunder hardly casts Bayless in a favorable light, anytime he does something that is bound to draw more attention to himself, the possibility remains that he was making a calculated move all along.

Maybe everyone is a having good laugh at Skip Bayless' expense right now with this Seahawks-in-the-AFC faux pas. But maybe he is laughing at everyone who fell for his troll bait and put the spotlight, for better or for worse, right on Skip Bayless yet again.