How did Rams' rookie receiver Tavon Austin's life change on Twitter after he was drafted? According to reports, here's what he told a group of high school students at an elite Nike football camp:

Larry Brown Sports actually pointed out a few weeks ago that Austin had acquired some new questionable friends on Twitter, including following accounts who appeared to be porn bots.

Since the Manti Te'o "Catfish" case where it was revealed his "longtime girlfriend" was actually fake, players have spoken out about the numerous women who have befriended them on Twitter with seemingly less-than-honorable ambitions and questionable actual existence.

Austin, it should be noted, is still on Twitter. But it could be run by his marketing team, or just be a huge weird Twitter mistake.

No word if Austin, the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft from West Virginia, is still following any strippers.

(h/t Larry Brown Sports)