Social media maven Lolo Jones may have just gotten beaten at her own game.

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder has made headlines with some controversial tweets recently, but in general she is one of the most social media-friendly athletes.

Recently, Jones accepted a challenge from one of her 360,000 followers -- should this student, a 21-year-old named Bubby Lyles tally 150,000 retweets for one of his tweets, Jones would go on a date with him.

Jones sent out the tweet on June 20th, and this week he got his 150,000th retweet.

Jones was asked about the date following a recent meet, and even though she was surprised to hear that Lyles had gotten 150,000 retweets, she stayed true to her word.

"I'll go on a date with him," Jones says at the 3:40 mark of this video:

This text will be replaced

Jones told Flotrack that she made a pair of mistakes in not asking Lyles' age (he is reportedly 21, so he is legal) and not setting a date for the challenge to end.

Now Jones will have to deal with logistical challenges, including where the date will be and who will pay. Lyles is in Atlanta, and with her busy schedule Jones may not have time to meet him there. So she graciously offered to fly him out.

Jones also mentioned that the bill will be somewhat of a question. Does she, a high profile athlete who presumably has more money than a 21-year-old, offer to pay? Or, as is custom, will Lyles pay?

"I like to eat now," Jones joked. "I'm gonna get like four entrees."

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