As if a new video which has surfaced of Riley Cooper uttering a racial slur wasn't bad enough for the fourth-year receiver and his teammates, the situation just got a whole lot more awkward thanks to a tweet by quarterback Michael Vick's brother, Marcus.

Marcus Vick, who has not been known to hold his tongue on Twitter, wrote on Wednesday afternoon that he was putting a bounty on Cooper and that he would give $1,000 to the first defender to "light up" Cooper.

Vick deleted the initial tweet and later tweeted that his account had been hacked.

On Wednesday Cooper was asked whether he expected to be a "marked man" in the NFL because of his remarks:

"I haven't thought that far yet, to be honest with you," Cooper said. "I just know how sorry I am now."

If Vick, who had a brief stint in the NFL in 2006, was still in the league, he almost surely would have been fined. What with the NFL's recent trouble with bounties, Vick's tweet is the last thing the league wanted to see in the wake of this controversy.