When Dwight Howard decided to sign with the Rockets, despite what Kobe Bryant thought were his best efforts to persuade him to stay (though, according to reports, it was partially Bryant's presentation that left Howard wanting to jump ship), Bryant did what any spurned former teammate would do: He unfollowed him on Twitter.

It quickly became the unfollow heard around the world, but on Monday night, the Lakers' star spoke out (on Twitter of course):

He also weighed in on the Lakers' decision to waive Metta World Peace.

And then shared some of his overall philosophical thoughts.

While many may mock his openness on social media, Bryant is one of the few superstars who, since joining Twitter earlier this year, has seemingly used the service to express everything that others have left to off-the-record and behind-closed-doors conversations. And now we can all move on to what Metta World Peace has to say on his own account.