Tahiti, a small island in the South Pacific, made its debut at a major FIFA tournament, taking on African champion Nigeria at the Confederations Cup in what seemed like the beginning scenes of Cool Runnings. It didn't go so well for them, with Nigeria getting out pretty early to a 3-0 lead. But that didn't really seem to matter to them: The team and their Twitter account seemingly went bonkers for each small on field success.

Some of the best tweets from @Tahitifootball, an account whose entries sound similar to how our parents used to cheer for us in our recreational soccer games growing up:

1. When they came close to scoring:

2. When down by 2:

3. Down by 5:

The club, according to the Associated Press, has only one player on the squad who has ever played internationally and many have day jobs as delivery boys, truck drivers, physical education teachers and accountants.

"The players are all aware there is a chasm between the professional and amateur world," the coach told the AP before the game. "I think tomorrow we will not be on a par with Nigeria ... they have been professional for years.

"But mentally we are ready. We will fight like lions and we will do anything to represent our country."

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The final score was Nigeria 6, Tahiti 1. But for Tahiti, it really seemed to be not all about winning, but how they played the game.