Apparently, Twitter is the new Craigslist.

Who needs a classified website when you can sell your dog much quicker on the popular social media platform?

After not sending out a tweet in several weeks, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins wrote to his 55,000 followers this week that he needed to get rid of his 10-month-old English bulldog because it was too big to be around his young son.

And the asking price was quite reasonable:

Perkins even tweeted some photos of the pooch:

Somehow, this is exactly the dog we pictured Perkins to have. He is, after all, known as one of the meanest players in the league.

Perkins got some responses, and he told his followers that they could come over and pick up the dog whenever they liked:

Finally, less than an hour after his original post, Perkins tweeted the following:

Well, that didn't take long.