Kobe Bryant won't be on the court for the remainder of the season, but rest assured, Lakers fans, the superstar guard will never be far away.

After undergoing surgery on his torn Achilles tendon over the weekend, Bryant's long-term future is in question. While most believe he'll return to the court, it's unclear whether he'll ever be at full strength again. There's even been talk of why the Lakers might be wise to amnesty Bryant.

In the short term -- the next two weeks, to be specific -- Bryant will be forced to rest his leg. That means little, if any, movement.

After willing his team into the playoff hunt during the past few weeks, one can imagine how hard it will be for Bryant to watch the Lakers on TV as his achilles heals. But the uber-competitive 34-year-old will have some connection to his teammates.

Talk about dedication. Most injured players watch from the sidelines or from the locker room, but not many are actually coaching the team while they heal. This speaks to Bryant's incredible loyalty to his team and his incessant desire to help in any way possible.

It hasn't been the easiest year for Bryant -- he's had to adjust to new teammates, a new coach and the rare struggle to get into the playoffs -- but Lakers fans have to be encouraged by his strong will in the face of what appears to be a career-altering injury.