New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman wants to gauge Chipper Jones' interest in joining the Bronx Bombers, and he doesn't care if the entire world knows it.

With New York in desperate need of depth at third base, Cashman wanted to send out a feeler to the recently retired Atlanta Braves legend. But because Cashman didn't have a number for Jones' agent, he told beat reporters to tweet about the team's interest in hopes of a response from Chipper.

That's certainly an interesting strategy for one of the most powerful men in Major League Baseball. Was there no other way Cashman could have connected with Jones? Did he really think that having the media tweet about the Yankees' interest would be the best way to approach a future Hall of Famer?

Whatever Cashman was hoping, it didn't work out. After being approached on Twitter, Jones quickly took to the social media service to deny any interest: