What some people may not realize about the hoopla surrounding Brent Musburger's comments about Katherine Webb is that the announcer has just the second most bizarre infatuation with A.J. McCarron's girlfriend.

During the BCS national championship game, Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett tweeted at Webb, asking if she wanted to accompany him to the fast food restaurant Wingstop and then the strip club King of Diamonds after the game.

We can only assume Dockett was joking. After all, a quick glance at Dockett's Twitter bio would seem to set the tone for his colorful feed: "I love rabbit guts, pig feet, fried roaches and boiled termites! I'm just [expletive] diffent! .... Oh I play football for the NFL"

McCarron saw Dockett's tweet and quickly responded, thus beginning one of the weirdest Twitter beefs in all of sports.

The pair exchanged a few good-natured tweets that night, with Dockett even suggesting that McCarron join the Cardinals and ending one of his messages with #rolltide.

But several weeks later Dockett was back at it, tweeting at Webb and asking if she would be available for lunch.

Once again, McCarron was quick to respond.

Things died down for a couple days, but now the two are back at it thanks to a tweet Dockett fired off Monday:

This time, things got a little more personal.

Finally, McCarron fired off a trio of tweets, perhaps hoping to end the feud for good:

And just for good measure, McCarron roasted Dockett with one final tweet: