Bitter much, Kobe?

The Los Angeles Lakers star and his team are in the midst of a rough year, and with a record of 25-29, they are performing well below most reasonable pre-season expectations.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers are surging, and their 39-17 mark is good enough for first place in the Pacific Division. So what might have happened if the catalyst behind the Clippers' excellent play, All-Star point guard Chris Paul, been traded to the other Los Angeles team?

As many people remember, last year Paul was all set to play for the Lakers when NBA Commissioner David Stern suddenly vetoed the trade. Paul was instead dealt to the Clippers, and the rest is history.

Paul and Bryant do get to be teammates every February at the NBA All-Star Game, and when they play together, it's tough not to think of what could have been had the two superstars been teammates. That thought may have been on Bryant's mind when he tweeted a photo of his daughter playing with Paul's son during All-Star Weekend in Houston.

"At least lil @CP3 and baby Mamba can play together NBA can't veto this one Ha!", Kobe wrote.


Bryant's biting diss got more than 16,000 re-tweets in the first day. Unfortunately for him, that's not enough to overturn the NBA's reversal of the trade.