We've learned a lot about Kobe Bryant in his short time on Twitter. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers star loves referring to himself as "Mamba." He is also kind of corny and incredibly focused, even to a fault.

And thanks to a series of tweets on Monday night, we saw just how torn apart Bryant is by his team's recent losing ways -- and that he has been holding out on us regarding his musical prowess. Who knew the Black Mamba was also the Piano Man?

The Lakers lost to the Bulls in Chicago on Monday, their third consecutive defeat and their ninth loss in their past 11 games. Bryant expressed frustration after the game, and later that night he found a few ways to relieve the stress.

Kobe started at the piano, where he played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. He told a follower on Twitter that he learned the tune one year ago for his wife, Vanessa. He wrote that it reminds him of, "strength, fragility, joy, love, pain."

Of course, without an audio attachment on his tweet, we'll have to take his word for it that he played Beethoven, or anything at all on the piano. (In this post-Te'o era, everyone is on alert for being faked out via social media.)

After a turn at the keyboard, Bryant headed to the weight room. At this point it must have been well into the morning, as Bryant stayed at the United Center past midnight. Bryant took a photo of himself in the weight room and tweeted an inspirational quote:

As hard as it has been on Bryant, things might get worse if something doesn't change. Los Angeles returns home this weekend for tough matchups against the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder before hitting the road for seven games.