If anyone is looking for some positive news stemming from the NHL lockout, look no further.

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges was tired of sitting around and waiting for the dispute to be resolved, so he took action into his own hands.

Earlier this week Gorges sent out a tweet to his more than 23,000 followers announcing that a pick-up hockey game would be played outdoors at Montreal rink on Wednesday.

Apparently, a lot of people took notice.

Gorges held the game as scheduled, and it was packed with fans of all ages and skill levels.

"I haven't played outdoors in a long time, but I figured we've got some time and I've got nothing else to do," Gorges told reporters. "I was just looking to skate outdoors and I threw it out there on Twitter and so many people were asking where I'd go play. So I thought, 'Why not set a time and place and we'll all come and play?'"

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For hockey-starved fans who are in dire need of some optimism, Wednesday was a great opportunity to connect with Gorges.

"I really respect what he did for the fans and I know he cares about his relationship with the community," 19-year-old David Stein told the Associated Press. "I got to basically live out a dream here playing with one of my favorite players on the Montreal Canadiens. It was really a special day."

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