If anyone needs evidence of how to go overboard with Twitter, we would direct them to Mark Cuban's Twitter feed.

The controversial Dallas Mavericks owner first mentioned on Wednesday that he had a kidney stone, and in the following days he has been tweeting often about his pain from Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Cuban used some, shall we say colorful, hashtags to go along with these tweets.

This tweet did get some pretty hilarious responses. They included: Kid(ney) Rock, Joey Crawford and Lamar Odom.

And just in case the picture wasn't clear enough, Cuban has some more wonderful imagery.

And finally, on Wednesday morning Cuban sent out one final kidney stone-related tweet. For those interested, Cuban's stone turned out to be 5mm.

We all know that passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful procedures around, and this series of tweets simply confirmed that. And most people probably wouldn't want to share their experience with 1.5 million of their closest friends.

But then again, most people aren't Mark Cuban.

(H/T to Off the Bench)

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