The post-Hurricane Sandy gas shortage in the Northeast has been well chronicled. And on Saturday night, Andray Blatche provided another solemn reminder of just how bad things have gotten.

The Brooklyn Nets forward helped his team open the Barclays Center with a win on Saturday, chipping in seven points and two rebounds in a 107-100 Nets victory.

After the game, Blatche was driving home when he noticed his car was low on gas. Blatche conveyed his struggles in a series of tweets:

Not everyone was sympathetic to Blatche. Former teammate Chris Singleton made light of Blatche's struggles with this humorous tweet:

To prove he wasn't messing around, Blatch even tweeted this photo of his dashboard showing the empty gas tank.

About two hours after Blatche's first tweet, he finally got gas. It's unclear how Blatche finally received fuel, but it's safe to say he wasn't to happy. The gas cost him $220:

(H/T to Game On!)

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