Imagine you've just committed the most vicious flagrant foul of the NBA season. You elbowed a rival around his jawline and gave him a concussion. You were thrown out of the game, but apologized afterwards.

Your next move probably wouldn't be to take things to Twitter.

But you're not Metta World Peace.

Hours after his controversial dunk celebration/assault of James Harden, Metta World Peace addressed the incident on Twitter.

His first tweet came at 6:51 p.m.:

"Hope James Hardin is ok... I remember when I hit by Marc Gasol the same way.. I was spitting up blood and a headache during the game..."

Some notes on this tweet:
1. World Peace spelled Harden's name wrong. Are you serious?

2. World Peace (back in the Ron Artest days) was hit in the nose by Marc Gasol on Feb. 7, 2011. Gasol was called for a foul (not a flagrant) and World Peace had a bloody nose. Although he said after the game he could not remember the injury, he played in the fourth quarter and hit a clutch three-pointer in a win. "I just kept going," World Peace said after that game. "Once I got my head cleared, [I] toughened up a little bit and got out there and played basketball. You do what it takes to win."

One hour later World Peace decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Tweet No. 2, at 7:51 p.m.:

"I just watched the replay again..... Oooo.. My celebration of the dunk really was too much... Didn't even see James ..... Omg... Looks bad"

1. Did it really take this long for World Peace to react to the replay? The guy was in the locker room with nothing to do for more than two quarters and both overtimes. He had to have been watching the game and seeing that replay played over and over again. That is, unless he still keeps Hennessy in his locker.

2. World Peace casually continues to stand by his accusation that the elbow was unintentional. He clearly wants to make sure the world knows he was celebrating the dunk and did not see Harden in his way. It's not like he felt a human body pressed up against him. Notice how World Peace only uses Harden's first name. James is easier to spell.

3. Yes, World Peace does use the phrase "Omg" to describe his thoughts after watching him clobber Harden. He also now agrees the elbow looked bad. At least he doesn't "LOL" at the replay.

More than three hours after that, World Peace realizes how to win NBA fans back: Make them feel bad for you. That'll definitely work!

Tweet #3 at 11:13 p.m.:

"Wow.. Didn't really think Kendrick Perkins broke my nose.... Super sore... Basketball too emotional ......."

1. Wow.

2. Really?

3. So Kendrick Perkins broke your nose? In basketball, that means you need a mask for the next game. You elbowed a helpless dude in the head and gave him a concussion. You think you're super sore?

4. Basketball is too emotional? Let's review: Kendrick Perkins (or Serge Ibaka) injured you on a basketball-related play. You nailed a guy in the head "celebrating" a dunk. Did you ever think you might be too emotional of a person?

Imagine watching the Malice at the Palace tapes with World Peace. That must have opened his eyes to the whole situation.

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