Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets on the same day that the NFL suspended Saints coach Sean Payton one year for the team's bounty program. It's surprising the Internet didn't break, which was nice since we found all these gems on Twitter:

Boomer Esiason
"The #NFL is crazy this week. Peyton,Payton and Tebow. #Trifecta"
How I See It: Fact.

David Akers
"After the penalty for the Saint ha shown to be so big... People r sayin they won't buy Bounty paper towels Anymore. #pretty funny."
How I See It: Pretty funny for a player on another top NFC team. Maybe not for people in New Orleans.

Landry Fields
"Tebow Time in NY!"
How I See It: This is a subtle reminder Tebowmania and Linsanity are now in the same state.

Antonio Cromartie
"Y bring Tebow in when we need to bring in more Weapons for @Mark_Sanchez let's build the team around him. We already signed to 3 year ext."
How I See It: More of a circus act: Tim Tebow or Antonio Cromartie?

Tony Dungy
"We'll see if Tim Tebow can help Rex Ryan with his language? I know he welcomes the challenge!"
How I See It: What language? His Latin in church?

Tony Dungy
"I commend Commissioner Goodell on his discipline of the NO Saints. Coaches and front office should be held to a higher standard than players"
How I See It: But man, does this suck for the Saints.

Chris Harris
"I'm sitting here in disbelief over the punishment for "BountyGate" #WOW"
How I See It: Adding "gate" after every scandal in the NFL needs to stop ... right now.

Mo Williams
"Sean Payton suspended a yr. tge storylines just keep getting better. I wonder where LT finish his career now?"
How I See It: With all due respect to LaDanian Tomlinson, nobody cares about him right now.

Elliott Sadler
"About 80% of you guys say Tebow by week 8...."
How I See It: And so ends Mark Sanchez's week of no stress.

Steve Breaston
"If Sean got a year...they might Pete Rose the defensive coordinator smh"
How I See It: Hmmm...I don't think it works like that.

Jay Feely
"Understatement of the year RT @johnskelton19 Tebow to the Jets... That'll be interesting."
How I See It: That's coming from a guy who spent time in a Rex Ryan locker room.

Drayton Florence
"Rex Ryan brings in Tebow to clean up locker room and help him stop swearing"
How I See It: Yeah, I'm sure that was Rex's thinking.

Thurman Thomas
"This>>RT @hiphopnonstoptv: If Mark Sanchez has fear of #Tebow he's not a good QB then."
How I See It: Imagine if you were trying to keep your starting job over a guy with mystical powers. How would you feel?

Sean Smith
"Aww mannn..... They aint playin wit the Saints is they???"
How I See It: You be the judge of that.

Nick Barnett
"B. Scott signed just had lunch with Mark Anderson looks like he likes B-Lo too"
How I See It: I think I know what Bart said when he heard the Tebow news #cantwait

Victor Cruz
"I believe in God no curse can keep me down #Maddencover"
How I See It: Well, God just moved to your city, no?

Jason Thompson
"The Sean Payton n Tim Tebow News in Kraziii!!!!! #iLoveSports"
How I See It: I get the Tebow excitement, but the Payton? How does a coach getting suspended for telling his players to injure other players make you love sports?

Damien Woody
"Who is Peyton Manning?!?! Lol"
How I See It: Maybe he's not a Jet anymore, but let's call this the first trash-talk from Gang Green at Peyton the Bronco.

Chris Kluwe
"So I think it's a tie between "The Dirty Tebow" and "The Clean Sanchez" for best NY quarterback moniker."
How I See It: This should have just excited everyone for upcoming Daily News and New York Post back covers.

Kevin Weekes
"#NYC is on sports fire this year, now add #Tebow to the mix here #Crayyyy http://t.co/KNl4uLAB"
How I See It: For casual sports fans, former NHL goaltender Weekes is likely alluding to the New York Rangers leading the Eastern Conference in points.

James Harrison
"OMG!!!!!! That's unreal!"
How I See It: That Sean Payton got suspended a year and you didn't? I guess you've never intended on hurting a quarterback before ...

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