Shannon Sharpe
"Once it happened to j.montana no other gr8 was safe. RT @swag_8484 @ShannonSharpe Peyton done in Indy!"
How I See It: Damn those 49ers for choosing a young Steve Young over an old Joe Montana!

Boomer Esiason
"Miami,AZ,NYJ,WASH? I say AZ, Whisenhunt and Fitzgerald. No Brady or Eli to deal with."
How I See It: Who saw the day when Peyton would be advised to avoid playing against Eli? #elistheclutchbrother

Jon Beason
"Wow!!! Payton Manning no longer a colt. In my opinion he's the best to ever play the position! #he'snotdone!"
How I See It: That could certainly be true. Especially if you're talking about Peyton*.

Sean May
"Say it Ain't so..... Peyton Manning is out of #Colts"
How I See It: Wish I could, man. But I can't.

Rob Bironas
"So, i just saw that the Colts released Manning? Where's he play next?"
How I See It: It looks like somebody's lobbying for a Tennessee homecoming.

Derrick Mason
"Peyton manning and Reggie Wayne to Denver! Great fit"
How I See It: Right, because Denver doesn't have enough of a quarterback saga to deal with. Imagine the #tebowing going on at the @timtebow household to make sure this doesn't happen.

Mark Schlereth
"ART @ReillyRick: ESPN reporting Peyton Manning will be released Wednesday. Still awaiting confirmation from Rob Lowe."
How I See It: Well played, Reilly.

Heath Bell
"Come out to Miami tomorrow night. I'm Scheduled to pitch in the new stadium for the first time. #Marlins #letsdothis"
How I See It: Is that Peyton's first invitation to Miami?

Speedy Claxton
"Thought this guy wasnt talking football...RT @MikeyClax: I will be the most ignorant Jet fan if we get Peyton"
How I See It: Not every fast-moving object or adjective is a nickname for you.

Trent Shelton
"Did Peyton get released?"
How I See It: Apparently there is such thing as a stupid question.

Anthony Costonzo
"Despite all the other singles they've released, the best song on LMFAOs album is Hot Dog."
How I See It: Coming from a Colts tackle, this tweet took a totally different direction than expected before the comma.

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Eric Gordon
"They are saying my man PEYTON MANNING is leaving indianapolis. That sucks. I will always be a COLTS FAN reguardless."
How I See It: Glad to hear you won't stop rooting for your hometown team because one player left.

Boomer Esiason
"ESPN acting like Colt/Manning divorce is a funeral. UGH. We didn't know Colts were going to cut him? Seriously.."
How I See It: What would you rather watch, a funeral or a one-sentence report? E$PN knows how to make money (See #linsanity, #tebowmania).

Patrick McEnroe
"Could Peyton end up with J E T S???"
How I See It: Man, if your brother wasn't crazy enough ... how would he react to that? @johnmcenroe

Marcus Stroud
"If Peyton comes back at least 80% healthy, there's going to be trouble. Man Luck will have a hard act to follow."
How I See It: I guess you should wish him some good luck. Eh? OK, maybe that was forced.

Kendrick Farris
"Peyton Manning To @MiamiDolphins"
How I See It: Very original.

Chris Harris
"Peyton's release puts things in perspective.......if Peyton can get released, WE ALL CAN GET RELEASED!!!!!"
How I See It: Everyone relax. They just signed the new labor agreement. There will not be a lockout in the near future.

Le'Ron McClain
"Can't see Peyton Manning in another jersey, but whatever jersey he is in best believe they are a contender. #GOAT"
How I See It: And here is Chiefs' "We want Peyton" call.

Chad Ochocinco
"I thought you unfollowed me camel hump face. RT @rtoro20: @ochocinco Peyton Manning + Miami = Tootsies????"
How I See It: Just focus on the question at hand, Chad.

Craig Terrill
"Oh sure, everyone believes @mortreport. But poor Rob Lowe gets no respect #Manning"
How I See It: Rob Lowe is the Chris Broussard/Buster Olney of football.

Shane Victorino
"Peyton...Colts...No more...Can't picture him playing or wearing any other uniform! Definitely one of the greatest qb's of all time!"
How I See It: The Flyin' Hawaiian loves those guys who have constantly made the trip to Aloha Stadium.

DeJuan Blair
"No female or dude is worth putting before comes first..."
How I See It: @jimirsay, call out!

Al Harrington
"Damn. Peyton Manning was suppose to ONLY PLAY in ONE Uniform. Colts are making a BIG MISTAKE... Damn #colts"
How I See It: The city never should have gotten rid of you either, right? Harrington and Manning should still be ruling over Indy side-by-side.

Amer Delic
"RT @richarddeitsch: I'm projecting Peyton Manning as the winner of the Tennessee primary."
How I See It: Not the first thing I would expect a Bosnian tennis player to retweet.

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