After Jeremy Lin nailed the game-winning three-pointer Tuesday night in Toronto to give the Knicks their sixth consecutive victory, other athletes responded by lighting up Twitter with more #linsanity.

Chris Paul
"Watching this Knicks vs Raptors game...HUGE shot by @JLin7 #Respect"
How I See It: #stillwishiwasaknick

Reggie Miller
"OK, I GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!! Its Legit!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!"
How I See It: Knicks fans still aren't too fond of you.

Eddie Royal
"So this jeremy lin guy is pretty good huh?"
How I See It: That's coming from a Tim Tebow receiver.

Kirk Morrison
"The year of the dragon. #EnoughSaid #JeremyLin"
How I See It: Cause that's not racist. #learnfromfloydmayweathersmistakes

Michael Strahan
How I See It: This guy once struck fear in NFL quarterbacks?

Matt Hasselbeck
How I See It: Didn't know you guys were on a first-name basis.

Justin Tuck
"His mama called him Jeremy ima call him Jeremy. #LINsanity"
How I See It: Thanks for the explanation, Justin

David Lee
"@JLin7 's shot was great... His celebration ill say was fair at best LOL #Linsanity"
How I See It: Any other ex-Knick who watched him ride the bench in Golden State last season would have said the same thing.

Kevin Weekes
"#Lincredible !!! #OMG !"
How I See It: Even a goalie is impressed

Damien Woody
"This is LINdiculous!!! #NYK"
How I See It: That's actually very original. Linpressive.

Allan Houston
How I See It: Partying like it's '99 again.

Andrew Bogut
"Wow Jeremy Lin, wow!"
How I See It: That's Australian for "impressed."

Michael Irvin
"Talking about a PLAYMAKER LIN-sanity just pulled off a TEBOW on the Raptors! This is LIN-credible!"
How I See It: NFL analysts and their Tebow references.

Ray Rice
How I See It: Yes, sir.

Vonta Leach
"Yessir @RayRice27: JEREMY LIN #Beast"
How I See It: You beat us to it.

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Ekpe Udoh
How I See It: Yes, you did have this guy all of last season.

Eric Barton
"I'm having the best VaLINtines day ever"
How I See It:

Rick Fox
"It's Valentines Day and I'm in Cabo with my girl @elizadushku and she is tweeting about #jeremylin and this is a Celtics fan!!"
How I See It: Not sure what's worse, the girl tweeting about Jeremy Lin or a Lakers legend dating a Celtics fan.

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