Santonio Holmes
"RT @OG_JoeSimo: Okay, Santonio Holmes quit on the #Jets, now let's quit on him. Let's make today Unfollow @santonio10 Day - RT it... #NYJ"
How I See It: One could argue Santonio Holmes does have a sense of humor for retweeting this.

Baron Davis
"That was a joke people. Excuse the person from the Observer who made a Typo. . I was Just having fun. My Goldmember is not herinated. Lol"
How I See It: Yeah, baby, yeah.

Landon Donovan
"About that, yeah RT @MauriceEdu: @landondonovan crazy wind? Like 300 mph?"
How I See It: @timhoward, you know what they're talking about?

Barry Sanders
"The @DetroitLionsNFL are something all of MI residents can agree on - but it is too early in the week to start thinking about New Orleans"
How I See It: With the Lions in the playoffs, he has to be regretting his decision to retire.

Alexander Ovechkin
"?????? ???????!!!!??????? ??? ???? ???!!!!!?? ? ????!?????? ??????? ??????!!!!!"
How I See It: Is that Russian?

Kenneth Hamlin
"Where my Phoenix followers at??!!"
How I See It: My guess is Phoenix.

Tony Dungy
"Determine to seek God's priorities for your life. It begins by spending time with Him, daily. #uncommonchallenge"
How I See It: Sometimes Tony Dungy forgets most people don't have God's phone number.

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