LeBron James
"I hate getting in late from a road game cause I can never sleep when I get home! SMH #restlesstweet"
How I See It: Dang, man. Tough life you got there.

Amar'e Stoudemire
"This summer I taped an episode w/ @tvland's @the_exes. The show airs tonight @ 10:30pm, but first here is a sneak peak http://t.co/nNjGOdOS"
How I See It: Starting to think it might be time you focus on basketball again ...

Stephon Marbury
"The only good a haters good for, is speaking your name at the beginning and end of their thought."
How I See It: Only Starbury could make a comment about haters so
egotistical. Where are you right now anyway?

Novak Djokovic
"This is my girlfriend and team before gluten free diet!!! Ovo je moja devojka i tim pre bezglutenske dijete!!! hahaha http://t.co/l4faJ0Ji"
How I See It: Geez, Novak found the FatBooth iPhone app. Now he has another way to poke fun at his tour inferiors.

Kyle Wilson
"RT @SeanBrennan_: @KWilson20 your my favorite corner! Could I get a tweet back #Loveyou #jetnation"
How I See It: Kyle Wilson will appreciate any fan who isn't confusing him with Kyle Williams right now.

Kris Humphries
"RT @Kaelahumphries: Hey Everyone! Please watch me on New TV Show called #Remodeled on The CW airing tonight at 8pm/7c. THANKS!"
How I See It: Now Kris Humphries's sister is making money off the "failed" wedding. This is unbelievable.

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