Michael Strahan
"@JustinTuckNYG91 LOL!! Never hating.... Just observing the truth. Great game man!!"
How I See It: Come on. You don't hate the Cowboys too? Five years ago, ESPN could have inserted your name for Justin Tuck's.

Emmitt Smith
"The little Giants the movie is on and my kids are watching it. How crazy is that! Wow :-)"
How I See It: Be a good Cowboy and turn it off. Of all weeks, you're really going to let them watch it this week?

Antonio Pierce
How I See It: An ex-Giant talking to an ex-Cowboy. What is going on here?

Troy Aikman
"@nflcommish @gregaiello @NFLfootballinfo Never imagined FOX would lose 2 Cowboys/Giants games in same season...disappointing."
How I See It: In other words, "Joe Buck and I are two big babies and are mad they didn't let us call one of these two games. Cause you know, we sound so good."

Steve Smith
"Check out the great deals best buy has on smartphones this month... http://t.co/sutxnP8P #ad"
How I See It: #ichosemoneyoverwinning #eaglesdreamteamseemedlikeagoodideaatthetime #tomcoughlinisold

Marion Barber III
How I See It: Let's go Giants! Beat the Cowboys! #jerryjonesneverbelievedinme

Terrell Owens
"Yesssss! Finally moving! Now gotta find another flt so I cn get 2 Dallas 2 help the kids of the Offense-Defense allstar game"
How I See It: And root against the Cowboys, of course.

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