Hope Solo
"Holiday vacation is officially over! Back to work baby! My man Ivan working his magic! #fb http://t.co/CXELof7W"
How I See It: It's nice to see Hope Solo realizing she's a sex symbol.

Amar'e Stoudemire
"Laila Tov! Goodnight fam. It was a "good" day with my @sesamestreet friends http://t.co/OqKqpMhn"
How I See It: Hey, Chris Paul. Look at some of the opportunities you get as a member of the New York Knicks!

Tiger Woods
"After getting about 5,000 questions I posted my answers video to Facebook. Check it out: http://t.co/mwpsDMD3"
How I See It: Remember when you treated your fans like dirt? Life would so different if you didn't crash that car, wouldn't it?

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Scottie Pippen
"Hanging with @kanyewest & family @larsapippen & @SammyYounan last night @unitedcenter http://t.co/JRkm14Cb"
How I See It: That's Kanye's "Say Cheese" face.

Shaquille O'Neal
How I See It: What will be more watched this season, NBA games or TNT in-studio coverage with Shaq and Charles Barkley?

Alexander Ovechkin
"Me and my girlfriend Maria....she is my queen!!!! http://t.co/B7rUsStB"
How I See It: But isn't Sidney Crosby king of the NHL right now?

DeSean Jackson
"A wise man said one day you'll understand.. Take it 4 what it Iz an keep pushing!! Another yr down!! Im blessed to say.."
How I See It: Blessed to say another year down? Are you giving up on the 4-8 Eagles? And my guess is that wise man is not named Andy Reid.

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