Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
"Me @lilkim @jackielong and @Earl_Hayes on our way to @FeverPgh #TheMoneyTeam"
How I See It: Well, these tweets are going to stop soon. Estimated Twitter hiatus: 90 days.

Jimmer Fredette
"Kellen moore is about to be 50-3 in his career. That is impressive."
How I See It: #MountainWestHallofFamers

DeAndre Jordan
"any shoe that i'll get jumped/shot/killed over is overrated, but then again...you'll still have a pair of concords! dumb."
How I See It: Someone's trying to look good for Chris Paul.

R.A. Dickey
"should be some americas funniest home video footage to share. i'll post if so."
How I See It: Starring the New York Mets.

Herculez Gomez
"It's official.. HG16 lives on. My new number with Santos, 16! What should I put on my jersey? Herculez, Gomez, Herc, or @herculezg? ??"
How I See It: All I can think about is Metta World Peace putting @thugraider37 on his jersey.

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