Tim Tebow
"Micah 6:8 GB²"
How I See It: Don't you mean 2:8? Or maybe you meant 69 yards?

Derrick Williams
"There are a lot of good freshman this year tho! Good to see!"
How I See It: I would say there's a lot of good rookies in the NBA, but that's kind of tough to see right now.

Carmelo Anthony
""The hardest game to win is a won game""
How I See It: I'm confused. Does this mean the players won or the owners won? I think you're confusing yourself.

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Jozy Altidore
"Much Better but still need to improve. #gettingthere #USMNT"
How I See It: Now, that's a good attitude. Giving up two goals to Slovenia is nothing to be ecstatic about.

DeJuan Blair
"Sometimes you gotta listen to your brain, just to save your heart."
How I See It: Exactly. You need to think about getting that extra $400,000 over actually playing basketball and putting money in arena employees' pockets.

Kyrie Irving
"The lockout isn't a joke but people pretend like they can just try to violate us rookies...ain't happening"
How I See It: God forbid you have a salary more like a No. 3 overall pick in your rookie season. The world would end.

Andy Rautins
"Newest member of #teamcrackediPhonescreen ??"
How I See It: Newest member of #teambrokebenchplayerduringlockoutwithacrackedphonescreen

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