Kris Humphries
"On the grind. Workout #2 starts soon!"
How I See It: How about Wife #2? When does that start?

Kyle Singler
"Back in Alicante from our road win last night. Felt good to get that one. Game highlights here ->"
How I See It: I can tell you who sure did not get a road win last night: The Duke Blue Devils.

Chris Paul
"RT @PositionSports: Proud to be working with @5starbasketball to hold a clinic in Brooklyn 2day with @CarmeloAnthony @DwyaneWade @CP3 @K ..."
How I See It: How's that chemistry with Carmelo?

Tim Tebow
"Psalm 107:1 GB²"
How I See It: You guys have had a couple nice wins, but can you really call out Green Bay?

Arian Foster
"Just out here dream catching my man! RT @richkleiman: Yooo what's good @arianfoster"
How I See It: Catching balls from who? Is there a quarterback left in Houston?

Dwight Howard
"I can't stand the rain. It's pouring Down in lakemary."
How I See It: How about that Brooklyn weather?

Billy Donovan
"Headed to Columbus!"
How I See It: Relax, Gators fans. This is from 15 days ago.