Andy Roddick
"Oh stevie Williams ........ He should get a restraining order against microphones... Not within 50 yards"
How I See It: How about they just put a bunker and a creek around the podium?

JaVale McGee
"Who's od'ing on cod right now?"
How I See It: Every NBA player out of work who have nothing to do.

C.J. Wilson
"Today's roadtrip agenda: Canyon de Chelley and Meteor Crater. Great photo opportunities! Can't wait to get back to LA"
How I See It: And New York if Brian Cashman shows me the money.

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Stephon Marbury
"Its sad that some people only talk about what they don't know about.-*"
How I See It: Whatever you say, Stephon.

Steve Smith
"tonight is #NFLTRIVIALIVE w @JayGlazer @9pm ET. play for a chance to win a super bowl XLVI trip and more at"
How I See It: Remember when you made the Super Bowl ... when you were a relevant player for a relevant team?

Plaxico Burress
"Thank God for another beautiful day! Kissed my wife, kissed my daughter, gave my son a pound. Chai tea latte, blueberry scone. Loving life!"
How I See It: This life is certainly different from that of yours in prison.

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