How would you react if four cases of Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to your place of work? You'd be thrilled, right? (All eater's remorse aside, of course).

Not Oklahoma City Thunder forward Nick Collison.

Sure, the idea of all those cookies had to be exciting when the official Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma Twitter account sent a tweet to Collison to inform him four cases had been delivered to the Thunder offices. But the NBA lockout and nasty negotiation process has soured Collison on even the scrumptious treat known as the tag-a-long.

Collison is of course referring to the current amount of revenue the owners want in the lockout negotiations, and found a nifty comparison. There's no better reason for the owners to make some concessions at this point than the fact that they've spoiled the cookie that's the most impossible to spoil.

Who says no to Girl Scout Cookies? OK, Collison didn't actually say "no," but anything other than a four-hour binge is a "no" when it comes to those delights.

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