Ndamukong Suh
"So it's crazy that my parents get to chill with #KIDROCK and @revrunwisdom !! #LOVEDETROIT #Lions #SUHsquad http://t.co/vBLWgKDo"
How I See It: #5-0 #livingthelife

Tim Tebow
"Philippians 2:3 GB²"
How I See It: Tim Tebow will be the Broncos' starting quarterback in Week 6.

Jimmy Rollins
"How are the flyers doing so far?"
How I See It: Google them, you lazy bum. Someone's bored at home a little earlier than expected this season...

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Dwyane Wade
"Good night world...2morrow my job a daddy is back on..."
How I See It: Being a dad is nice, but can you focus more this week on your job negotiating an NBA season. Thanks.

Victor Cruz
"No prob RT @SunnyDooWop: @TeamVic it was a pleasure meeting u... thnx for the pic!"
How I See It: But next time, catch the ball.

C.J. Wilson
"Amazing. NELLLLLSONNNNNNNN. TEAM win, defense, relievers, and #boomsticks. Oh and mark lowe was the splashman- not me. Watch the replay!"
How I See It: Cliff who?

Alexander Ovechkin
"its was hard back to moscow,but its life....happy to be back!!!!"
How I See It: Was that English?

Kris Humphries
"Didn't realize that the Today show was 4 hrs long! Kim better be entertaining #watched4hrsofTodayshow"
How I See It: This is the same person that hundreds of thousands of people watch do nothing every week. She'll be fine.

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