Mark Jackson
"Daily Word- Luke 1:37- For with God nothing shall be impossible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!"
How I See It: Including a Golden State Warriors NBA title?

Dirk Nowitzki
"Dear tony romo. Don't worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving."
How I See It: Wise words from the Kaiser of Dallas.

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Myron Rolle
"@cponder7 Do you want to put an end to this 'Who is the smarter Nole' debate & challenge me in a 3 game series on Words w/ Friends?"
How I See It: You could just show him your Rhodes Scholarship Certificate, but I guess Words With Friends works too.

Pierre Garcon
"Another day another grind"
How I See It: Life sucks without Peyton.

Alexander Ovechkin
"RT @SergeyKocharov: Named after Alex Ovechkin, Eighttofasttocatch the favorite at Maryland Million Classic Thx @k ..."
How I See It: A racehorse named after Ovechkin? Really?

Joe Maddon
"We said at the beginning of the year we were going to have to find another way. We're set up to do that."
How I See It: @bostonredsox, you know what I'm talking about.

David Ortiz
"Thanks to my exmanager Terry Francona for all the memories and great time...."
How I See It: Yeah, he gets it.

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