Carmelo Anthony
"Filming Law & Order #SVU. Amazing!!!!!!!!"
How I See It: Yeah, you look so excited.

Miles Austin
"Way to keep fighting fellas! Heading back to the D."
How I See It: That's one way to show appreciation of your quarterback. This is another way.

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JJ Reddick
"Just watched Drive with Ryan Gosling. Please DON'T go see it. #fail. #wasteofagoodsundaynight."
How I See It: Don't be a coward and tag @ryangosling next time. And by the way, Gerry McNamara would have lit you up if Syracuse played in the ACC back in the day.

LeBron James
"My Biggest Fear is losing it all!"
How I See It: Don't be afraid. If you burn the few hundred million dollars you have, it'll be your own fault.

Michael Strahan
"The Giants are bitten again by the injury bug as are a lot of teams. A lot of great players out for the season and it has barely started!"
How I See It: Do the Giants a favor and get Amani Toomer on the phone.

Carl Crawford
"Alright, I'm out. Thx for the support"
How I See It: Especially to the Yankees, who just keep beating the crap out of the Rays. Thanks!