Jason Thompson
"I Swear I Jus Felt a EarthQuake in Jersey!!!! O_O"
How I See It: Are you sure it wasn't just Mike "The Situation" flexing?

Hunter Pence
"Wow Earthquake just shook the entire locker room!"
How I See It: Nope, that was actually just crazy Philadelphia fans in the stands, but I understand why you'd think that.

Brent Celek
"Sorry Philadelphia. I dropped a dumbbell"
How I See It: Well, Hunter, there's your answer.

Ryan Newman
"Anyone else feel that earthquake?"
How I See It: No, no one else. You were the only one.

Hope Solo
"Storm in chicago!!!! Help! I wanna go home!!!! Stuck on tarmac, not fun! #fb"
How I See It: Oh boo hoo, a rain storm. At least you're not in the middle of a freaking earthquake!

DeMarcus Cousins
"The whole gym just started shaking!"
How I See It: ... after a thunderous slam by DeMarcus Cousins.

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Rod Benson
"Waittt.... I just woke up at 2am to news of an earthquake on the east coast? Now you have no reason NOT to live in California hahaha"
How I See It: p.m.*

Tony Hawk
"Earthquake... on the East Coast? Feels like home."
How I See It: Insert skateboarder term here: ______ (radical, gnarly, wicked, etc.)

Donte' Stallworth
"YOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Was that an EARTHQUAKE in Virginia??? Everybody TOOK OFF in the locker room!! And of course I grabbed my phone to tweet lol"
How I See It: Donte', you never fail to impress. This is actually ridiculous.

Evan Turner
"The earthquake better not happen while I'm bench pressing or It could get ugly"
How I See It: Exactly. Because earthquakes are like weather and travel from one part of the country to another in an extended period of time.