Stylez G. White
"whats good baby!? i havent really heard from yall in a while.. talk to me.. come on! besides i heard the lockout my ending soon.."
How I See It: Would you not want to hear from me if the lockout was still going on? Baby? Very Stylezish.

Dhani Jones
"Hanging out with @hopesolo @alexmorgan13 it's the premier of #entourage"
How I See It: Is sitting with an average NFL player the parting gift for coming in second place?

Jose Bautista
"Listo para jugar! Bateando designado! #beastmode"
How I See It: I guess "beastmode" is the same in every language.

Alex Morgan
"Entourage premiere :)"
How I See It: It's funny how Dhani Jones mentioned that he was with Alex Morgan, but Alex Morgan failed to mention she was with Dhani Jones.

Graeme McDowell
"Not saying tonight is going to be a good night but........"
How I See It: So does that mean you're going to drug Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington?

Yao Ming
"My press conference will air on @NBATV tonight at 2am ET/ 11pm PT. Tune in!"
How I See It: The most exciting form of NBA TV during the lockout.

Steve Nash
"My debut for the French National team with my agent @RonnyTuriaf14"
How I See It: Yeah, I'd defintely trust him with my career.