Chad Ochocinco
"God is so Good"
How I See It: Wow, Cincinnati must have been worse than I thought. What did Ocho do anyway to deserve deliverance into the promised land of the best run franchise in the NFL?

Isaiah Thomas
"I'm not worried about no opponent that's faster, taller, stronger than me bcuz no matter what I'ma keep comin u gotta kill me to stop me!"
How I See It: You've got to be careful what you wish for in the NBA. Gilbert Arenas might get the wrong idea from this tweet.

Shawne Merriman
"Dammit I have to hear #ochocinco mouth twice this year jesus I thought you loved me"
How I See It: Looks like not even God can please every NFL player. Although Merriman has it better than every average sports fan who is subjected to Ochocinco about six times a day on ESPN.

Braylon Edwards
"It's a shame some people base all there knowledge off media outlets, usually " including NFL teams. Lol. Develop info for yourself please"
How I See It: A word of advice Braylon: Try to avoid insulting potential employers.

Pete Carroll
"I've seen better hands on a clock... And did they arrest the guy who stole your calves? @RobRiggle"
How I See It: Who knew Coach Carroll could spit this good of a trash talking game?

Rodney Peete
"NFL Lockout Over!"
How I See It: Yes, this tweet was from Thursday. No, I didn't know that the former QB lived under a rock. This tweet alone provides unbeatable evidence that former NFLers need better mental health coverage.

Jon Beason
"Turn on the tube! Jon beason highest paid MLB in the league. News breaks now"
How I See It: I'm always amazed by how much a little third person use amplifies the arrogance of a tweet.